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An exclusive space, up-to-date equipment, a wide range of cosmethic and medical services along with the advices of a team of experts make of this center a special oasis of unforgettable pleasure, rest and health.

In our „Beauty and health“ ward a team of highly qualified physiotherapists and cosmetologists acts in the view of prevention, health and medical problem solving and in maintaining the achieved results, related to the connective tissue, locomotor system, a nice and well shaped body as well as your young-looking face.

We stress the importance of individual approach towards every single patient while preserving health and beauty of all of our clients.


  • Individual approach – complete dedication to the patient
  • Single appointments – use our services individually or with a close group of friends without intruders
  • Expert medical staff
  • Thalgo, Decleor i Babor – famous world brends for your skin care
  • Exclusive interiors and excellent equipment
  • Top class providers’ devices

In our Beauty&Heath Centre we can offer you an exclusive range of massage therapies. Medical massage, Aroma, Anti-cellulite and Sports massage are just a few examples of our main treatments that positively stimulate muscle and nervous systems as well as gently improve blood and lymphatic circulation. We prefer manual massages because they have both a therapy and diagnostic component, by using different tecniques we help prevention, treatment and solving of painful and tense conditions.

We can also offer relaxing anti-stress programmes in a beautiful and relaxing space, using top technology and precious advices from our expert medical team. Employees and managers will enjoy unforgettable moments of pleasure, relax and health. Pool activities with warm water and hydrostatic pressure combined with over-flow swimming are necessary to achieve better circulation as weel as muscle strenght.

Artithera Clinic offers you a quick, precise and absolutely FREE consultation about your overall health and body condition. Our expert physical therapists will create a personalized weight loss plan, according to your lifestyle, supporting you every step of the way! With your effort and discipline we can guarantee that the kilos you loose won’t ever be back again! This is why we have prepared the Smart plan for fast and successful weight loss just for you! Choose the Smart diet plan that best suits you, work hard and we assure great result!

When summer approaches, women really want to get rid of cellulite to gain a healthy and glowing skin! Arithera clinic can help achievineg top results using Decleor and Thalgo products and experience with 100% natural ingredients for excellent treatment results.

In additiond to these options, in a comfortable atmosphere we can offer you individual and group workout sessions with a team of physical therapists that support perfectly your needs and possibilities. Our experts combine different exercise techniques such as streching, pilates and aerobic training. It is mainly recommended for reumatic, neurologic and orthopaedic patients but useful to all the others that want to improve their locmotor system and take care of their health.

We point out

Varicose veins


Capillary sclerozation