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Genereal medicine examinations are the best way to succesful prevention, it is impossible to avoid them in detecting health issues or diseases in the initial phase when there are no symptoms yet, which leads to positive thinking and makes patients feel safe, that is altogether very important for the final treatment result. Besides detecting the diseases that already might be present, in a series of different cases these examination show symptoms of numerous other difficulties, that can be effectively cured with the correct treatment and life style improvement.

AriMedEx general medical examinations show the general health condition of the organism that cannot be detected with singular examinations. Medicine is evolving very quickly and our Clinic has obtained a great success as far as preventive medicine is concerned with analysis and methods that detect diseases in the earliest stages allowing the maximum treatment effect.

It would be reccomended to do this kind of general examination every two years before the age of 35, while after it should be done at least once a year.

We have developed three levels of general medical examinations with different range of exams, programmed for different sex, age and individual needs:

  • AriMedEx Optimum
  • AriMedExPremium
  • AriMedEx Royal

These examinations include laboratory tests for detecting blood sugar, fat levels, liver problems, urine, urea and creatinine, several tumor markers, internistic examinations, radiological diagnostic exams, gynecological ultrasound and PAP test, breast ultrasound with mammography for breast cancer prevention, prostate ultrasound to detect diseases in their early stages amongst which cancer is of course the worst, on time stroke and heart attack prevention, screening for digestive system diseases, ophthalmological exam, meetings with psychiatrist, nutricionist…and in the end suggestions of an internal medicine specialist that takes into account all the exams and suggests further treatment for taking care of our health in the best way.

For business corporations we offer general medical examinations planned according to employees’ needs, examinations for athletes, IT administrators, manual laborers…

The more deep and precise the exams are, the more they show disorders. No matter which option you choose, in our Clinic you will get the best screening of your health condition along with the top treatment suggestions in order to prevent all the complications caused by hectic every day lives!