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  • prof. dr. sc. Saša Janković, spec. ortoped
  • Ivan Karlak, spec. ortoped
  • dr. Davor Duvančić, specijalist ortopedske kirurgije i traumatologije, stalni sudski vještak

Arithera Clinic Orthopaedic Center offers

  • specialized orthopaedic examinations (infants, pre-school children and school age children, adults, the elderly)
  • specialized trauma examinations for every age group
  • specialized examinations of professional athletes and amateurs – Center for sports injuries
  • surgical procedures – arthroscopy (knee, ankle, foot, shoulder, elbow surgeries and reconstructions of joint fractures)
  • surgical procedures of endoprosthesis installation ( partially and total hip and knee endoprosthesis)
  • fist and foot surgical procedures
  • surgical procedures – joint and limb fractures
  • surgical procedures for peripheral nervous system complications
  • spine surgical procedures
  • non-operational treatments of bone and joints fractures
  • ultrasound examination of children’s hips
  • physical medicine and rehabilitation under a specialist’s monitoring
  • up-to-date medical equipment and operating rooms in Zagreb
  • full-service offer – all in one place ( examination, diagnostics, surgery and rehabilitation)

The Center for Orthopaedics of the Arithera Clinic is a multidisciplinary center specialized in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the motoric system and diseases and injuries of the bone-muscular and joint system (bones, joints, ligaments, tetives, muscles, nerves). Our clinic can offer you the best orthopaedic solutions. Diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation take into account all the age groups, from infants to adults. The center is famous for treating particular types of patients such as active athletes and amateurs that deal with trauma consequences. In Arithera Clinic we have the best trauma and orthopaedic experts especially trained in trauma and orthopaedic field with several sub-specializations. We point out top experts for arthroscopy, children orthopaedics, spine surgery, total big joints endoprosthesis installation, sports medicine, tumors of the locomotor system, amputational surgery and reconstruction procedures in case of post-trauma or inherent conditions.

The diagnosis is based on cumulative clinical experience, contemporary laboratory and radiological equipment that includes also quality medical imaging technique, computerized tomography and magnetic resonance (MSCT and MRI). Surgical procedures take place in modern operating rooms. The anaesthesia tecniques are also the modern ones. Most of the operations include nerve blocks, regional and epidural anaesthesia.

General endotracheal anaesthesia is used often in spine surgery. Operating rooms have moving roentgen machines so every procedure is handled with the maximum of precision. After the surgery, depending on the procedure, patients are kept in the intensive or semi-intensive care unit or in their rooms, while the rehabilitation process starts the day after the surgery.

Implants and endoprosthesis that we use are the best choice in terms of world’s technology made by the top quality producers.

Rehabilitation processes are guided by a team of expert physical therapists and physiatrists. After the wounds heal, denpending on the type surgery the patients have a wide range of rehabilitation procedures possibilities. We are very proud to offer pool rehabilitation activities with all the necessary technical support. After the rehabilitation is over the patients are regularly examined by their surgeon. All the processes and the medical documentation is precisely registered in our archive.

The foreign patients-clients have interpreters at their disposal as well as accomodation and transport logistic support.