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You can avoid long and hard hospitalization, total anesthesia and surgical procedures. We treat varicose veins by UGFS method (Ultrasound Guided Foam Sclerotherapy) – the most successful and completely painless method of removing varicose veins with foam.

Since 2008 we have been treating varicose veins with UGFS method and achieving exceptional results.

From this year, the Arithera Clinic applies improved UGFS foam method of treatment with innovation in its preparation and application technology by the standards of The British Vein Institute – the world’s leading institution in the field of treatment of varicose veins.

Special features of UGFS methods at Clinic Arithera:

  • declared as the method of choice by the world’s greatest expert and president of the
  • British Vein Institute Dr. Coleridge Smith
  • we are the only center in Croatia applying improved UGFS method (09/2012) using the unique composition of the foam and innovative preparation and application technology
  • Dr. Zlatko Čačić is the main Croatian expert for the application of this new, modernized method, licensed by the British Vein Institute, the world’s leading institution in the field of Phlebology
  • we remove varicose veins and guarantee minimal possibility of recurrence
  • possible complications that are common to the classical procedure are highly unlikely
  • this is a completely painless treatment without cuts, bruises or skin damage
  • patients can continue with their daily activities immediately after the procedure
  • this procedures can be done during the hole year and summer months
  • continuous monitoring and doctor advices after the treatment
  • constant collaboration with The British Vein Institute for further improvement of methods
  • 4 years of experience make a remarkable number of satisfied patients

UGFS-how is this treatment performed

UGFS method is performed in the consulting room with the help of an injection of local anaesthetic. The aim is to inject and destroy the main surface of the vein which is causing the varicose veins. The long saphenous vein is injected just above the knee in the thigh and the short saphenous on the back of the calf. A needle is placed within the vein with the help of ultrasound imaging. The leg being treated is elevated to empty all the surface veins. The foam is prepared and injected into the vein. The foam rapidly spreads along the vein and is followed using the ultrasound machine. Injection of foam continues as the foam spreads into the varicose veins. Usually two or three injections of foam are needed altogether.

Must be emphasized that UGFS method can be implemented for small saphenous veins which diameter of confluence is 10 mm and for large veins from 12 mm to 14 mm.

Beyond these parameters UGFS method is less effective, therefore we recommend the classic surgical method that is also performed in our clinic.

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We remind you that discretion is one of the fundamental principles of our business.